Pedodontics Dentistry Department

Pedodontics is rightly defined as branch of dentistry concerned with comprehensive dental care and treatment for children.



We at the department of Pedodontics strive hard to educate our students using latest technology and research protocols, maximizing clinical exposure so as to prepare them academically as well as in competitive professional practice.

Dr. Manohar Bhat(HOD)

About Department

Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a dental specialty that caters to the oral health needs of infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. At the Jaipur Dental College, the Department of Pedodontics plays a crucial role in educating dental students on the distinctive care requirements of pediatric patients. Additionally, the department conducts research focused on advancing the knowledge and techniques in this field.

Salient features:

Specialized care & Comprehensive treatment
Child-friendly environment
Trained professionals
Preventive care

UG, PG & PhD Programs

The department has a team of expert faculty who specialize in pedodontics and are trained to handle the unique needs of children. Department is involved in research studies aimed at improving dental care for children and developing new treatments and techniques.


Meet The Exceptionally Knowledgeable And Skilled Dental Faculty Members Specializing In Pedodontics Dentistry At Jaipur Dental College.
Sr. No.NameDesignationQualificationExperiencePublications
1Dr. Manohar BhatProfessor & HODMDS26 Year 2 Month70
2Dr. Rajesh SharmaProfessorMDS20 Year 4 Month50
3Dr. Puneet GoenkaProfessorMDS14 Year 10 Month20
4Dr. Abhishek KhairwaProfessorMDS13 Year34
5Dr. Gaurav GuptaProfessorMDS11 Year 7 Month80
6Dr. Rishab MalhotraReaderMDS9 Year 2 Month4
7Dr. Rahul GuptaReaderMDS6 Year 11 Month2
8Dr. Anita ChoudharyReaderMDS6 Year 3 Month2
9Dr. Diksha ShekhawatReaderMDS5 Year 8 Month15
10Dr. Ankit NataniReaderMDS7 Year 4 Month7
11Dr. Shaily GargSr. LecturerMDS3 Year1
12Dr. Adishree MahantaSr. LecturerMDS6 Year3