Public Health Dentistry Department

The branch of dentistry that deals with Oral Health Education to the public and prevention & Control of Oral Disease in the community.

PUBLIC HEALTH DENTISTRY Of jaipur Dental College

Message From HOD Desk

We at the Department of Public Health Dentistry strive hard to educate our students using the latest technology and research protocols to prepare them academically & professionally.

Dr. Anup N. (HOD)

About Department

The Department of Public Health Dentistry trains students in oral health and conducts research on risk factors and health outcomes. It focuses on preventive dentistry and dental care policy, with postgraduate courses offered since 2007. The department aims to improve access to dental care for underserved populations, stimulate research in Dental Public Health, and operate peripheral centers for comprehensive oral care. It also uses audio-visual equipment for education and motivation. The department comprises experienced and skilled dentists who specialize in public health dentistry. They provide a range of services, including oral health education, preventive and therapeutic dental care, and community-based research and outreach programs.

Salient features:

The Public Health Dentistry department of Jaipur Dental College focuses on promoting oral health and preventing dental diseases through community-based programs, research, collaboration, education, advocacy, awareness campaigns, and preventive measures such as fluoride treatment and oral cancer screening. They also monitor and evaluate oral health outcomes in the community.

UG, PG & PhD Programs

At Jaipur Dental College, we take pride in presenting MDS and PhD programs in Public Health Dentistry, which equip students with advanced expertise and proficiencies in this vital area of dentistry. With our cutting-edge amenities and resources, we strive to enhance the learning and research activities of our students.

Our faculty members are renowned for their extensive experience and expertise in the realm of public health dentistry, and they are dedicated to imparting comprehensive education to our students.


Meet The Exceptionally Knowledgeable And Skilled Dental Faculty Members Specializing In Public Health Dentistry At Jaipur Dental College.
Sr. No.NameDesignationQualificationExperiencePublications
1Dr. Anup N.Professor & HODMDS27 Year63
2Dr. Vikas JephProfessorMDS14 Year 2 Month6
3Dr. Swasti TambiReaderMDS8 Year 10 Month16
4Dr. Amit SharmaSr. LecturerMDS4 Year2
5Dr. Saurabh KothariSr. LecturerMDS5 Year 6 Month1
6Dr. Amit Kumar JhajhariaSr. LecturerMDS4 Year 2 Month1
7Dr. Barsha Priya DekaSr. LecturerMDS6 Month4
8Dr. Devendra Kumar SharmaLecturerBDS4 Year0