Periodontics Dentistry Department Of Jaipur Dental College

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with a wide range of dental treatments procedures like scaling, root planning, root surface debridement etc. The branch also includes the treatment of severe gum problems by applying a range of surgical procedures.



We at the Department of Periodontics & Implantology strive hard to educate our students using the latest technology and research protocols, maximizing clinical exposure so as to prepare them academically as well as in competitive professional practice.

Dr. Geetha K. Bhat (Professor & HOD)

About Department

The Jaipur Dental College’s Department of Periodontology offers comprehensive training, patient care, and research opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Equipped with advanced surgical equipment and RVG, the department prioritizes precision and quality in periodontal care. Undergraduates are trained in non-surgical and preventive procedures, while postgraduates learn surgical techniques and conduct research under experienced faculty guidance.

Salient features:

Regenerative periodontal therapy
Various periodontal plastic and aesthetic surgery
Local drug delivery
Preventive periodontal care.

UG, PG & PhD Programs

The department stresses quality and precision in periodontal care. Undergrads learn non-surgical and preventive techniques, while observing surgical procedures. Postgrads master a range of surgeries and conduct research with expert guidance.


Meet The Exceptionally Knowledgeable and Skilled Dental Faculty Members Specializing in Periodontics Dentistry at Jaipur Dental College.
Dr. Geetha K. Bhat (Professor & HOD)Experience: 13.8 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Paper Presentation : 02
Poster Presentation : 02
Publications: Total Publication: 26
Dr. Prashant Singhal (Professor)Experience: 11.7 Years
Qualification: BDS MDS
Dr. Rajsi Jain (Reader)Experience: 8.8 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 08
Dr. Kapil Singhal (Reader)Experience: 7.9 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 04
Dr. Anand Bhatnagar (Reader)Experience: 7.4 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 01
Dr. Anirudh Singh Chauhan (Reader)Experience: 5.4Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 06
Dr. Kavya Mathur (Reader)Experience: 4.7 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 03
Dr. Meghna Sharma (Reader)
Experience: 5.4 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication: 6
Dr. Neha Singh Sikarwar (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 3.5 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publications: 14
Dr. Anirudh Singh Chauhan -Sr. LecturerExperience: 2 Years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Paper Presentation: 04
Poster Total Publication 06
Dr. P. Sarita (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 2.6 years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Dr. Harshpreet Kaur (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 2.3 years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication 01
Dr. Mohit Sharma (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 1.6 years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication: 05
Dr. Raj Kumar Meena (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 0.7 years
Qualification: BDS-MDS
Publication: 03
Dr. Shubham Setia (Sr. Lecturer)Experience: 0.6 years
Qualification: BDS-MDS