Orthodontics Department

Orthodontics is specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists are dental specialists who work to correct misaligned teeth and jaws, with the aim of improving the appearance, function, and overall health of a patient’s teeth and mouth.


Message From HOD Desk

Greetings and welcome to the Orthodontics Department at Jaipur Dental College. Our dedicated faculty is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for our students in correcting dental irregularities. Our curriculum is designed to equip our students with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for effective orthodontic treatment. We encourage academic excellence and offer hands-on clinical experiences to develop clinical skills. We value your feedback and suggestions as we strive to maintain the highest standard of education.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal (HOD)

About Department

At Jaipur Dental College, the Orthodontics department has the responsibility of imparting training to dental students in the field of orthodontics, encompassing both the art and science of this domain. The department boasts experienced orthodontic faculty members, who possess advanced training and certification in orthodontics and remain up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in the field.

Salient features:

The Orthodontics Department at Japur Dental College boasts cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned professionals who offer a range of personalized treatment options to meet each patient’s unique needs. With a focus on patient education and comfort, the department works in tandem with other departments to provide top-quality care.

UG, PG & PhD Programs

The emphasis on quality and precision in Orthodontic care is paramount within the department. As part of their training, undergraduate students are exposed to guided and preventive surgical and nonsurgical techniques, all while observing surgical procedures performed by experienced professionals. Postgraduate students, on the other hand, are expected to achieve mastery in a variety of critical Orthodontic surgeries and are guided in their research by experts in the field.


Sr. No.NameDesignationQualificationExperiencePublications
1Dr. Vijay AgarwalProfessor & HODMDS15 Year25
2Dr. Karamdeep Singh AhluwaliaProfessorMDS13 Year 2 Month20
3Dr. Shiva GuptaProfessorMDS15 Year4
4Dr. Anisha JanuReaderMDS8 Year 1 Month3
5Dr. Pranav SapawatReaderMDS10 Year 2 Month6
6Dr. Lokendra Singh DagurReaderMDS5 Year 11 Month12
7Dr. Hari Narayan ChoudharyReaderMDS5 Year 4 Month6
8Dr. Pawan Kumar SoniSr.LecturerMDS4 Year 2 Month0
9Dr. Poonam PooniaSr.LecturerMDS3 Year 5 Month0
10Dr. Ishan GroverSr.LecturerMDS3 Year 5 Month4
11Dr. Shivangi MittalSr.LecturerMDS2 Year 6 Month6
12Dr. Rajat SoniSr.LecturerMDS2 Year 6 Month4
13Dr. Lakshay MihaniSr.LecturerMDS2 Year 7 Month2
14Dr. Rekha SharmaSr.LecturerMDS6 Month2
15Dr. Shadab LiaquatSr.LecturerMDS6 Month3
16Dr. Rijuta SharmaLecturerBDS9 Year 5 Month0